Grant Request Guidelines

The Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) has established the following grant guidelines.

  1. Applications will only be accepted from organizations that either have an official 501(c)(3) designation, are entities of government requesting funds for public purposes, or are churches or synagogues providing social services to the community of Washington County.
  2. The Foundation does not finance annual appeals or payment of regular, ongoing operational expenses for applicant organizations.
  3. The Foundation will not purchase supplies or provide funding for annually recurring events or programs. However, the WCCF will consider assisting in the first year start-up costs of new programs that will benefit the community in new ways, serving needs not currently being met.
  4. The Foundation does not fund scholarships through this program.
  5. The Foundation does not make contributions that attempt to influence legislation nor does it intervene in any way in political campaigns.
  6. The Foundation prefers to fund requests that provide ongoing benefit to the community.
  7. The Foundation looks favorably on grant requests where a portion of the funds needed for a project have already been raised.
  8. Requests for funding for large projects need to show existing financial support from the community. The WCCF grant program can help fund the final needs of a large fundraising campaign, but will not fund the initial needs without significant evidence of other sources of income committed to the project.
  9. Funds may not be diverted from their original purpose by the recipient. If, after receipt of a grant from the WCCF, the non-profit organization feels there is a need to modify or change the usage of the funds, that change request must be submitted to the WCCF in writing, and approved in advance of implementation of the project by the Washington County Community Foundation, or the funds must be returned.
  10. The Foundation reserves the right to request a return of grant monies not expended within one year of the grant allocation, unless otherwise specified at the time of grant allocation